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Because We Can - A More Fire Run to benefit Family Reach & families facing cancer
  • My Goal:
  • $50,000
  • Raised So Far:
  • $24,134
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  • 227
$24134 of $50000 goal

Because We Did

Update #3  •   Posted 1235 day(s) ago


It's with a mix of frustration and excitement that I share this last update with you. As many of you might know, my run down the State of Indiana was cut short after the second day when I started experiencing unsurpassable knee pain. After logging 60 miles the first day and 45 miles the second day, I was unable to continue on despite my best efforts at recovery. I tried to start the third day twice, but to no avail. 

You can read all about my thoughts on this at my personal blog -

With that said, the current tally (and still rising) for this fundraiser is $23,459! That's a lot of funding! And YOU did that. I will never be able to fully express my appreciation for your contributions to this fundraiser, so the Family Reach organization, and to the families they serve. This money will help families keep their houses, secure transportation, pay heating bills, and most importantly, focus on dealing with the weight of cancer treatment instead of worrying how they will keep the rest of their lives together. During my treatments, I was fortunate to have a community of people who did the same for me, but that is not always the case with others and your donations help become that communal support. That is an accomplishment beyond any I could try to personally attempt. 

Thank you again for contributing to this fundraiser, supporting my efforts along the way, and doing your part to help those less fortunate than most who face an incredibly difficult disease. 

-Scott Spitz

Here we go!

Update #2  •   Posted 1243 day(s) ago


Thank you so much for your generous donations to Family Reach and the patients and families they serve. The funds you have contributed will help pay for rent, car payments, groceries, medicines not covered by insurance, and allow families to manage their finances while undergoing the stresses of treatment. Every dollar you donate has an incredible, emotional impact on the families supported by Family Reach. 

Tomorrow I will be meeting Family Reach recipient, Dylan Berry, and his mother, Patricia Jackson. Dylan is being treated for his leukemia at the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital and lives at home in East Chicago, Indiana with his mom, dad and two siblings. His mom and dad are both disabled and their family has very low income. Cancer treatment has made it close to impossible for this family to make ends meet.

Dylan had a lengthy treatment course including chemotherapy and matched sibling bone marrow transplant in June of 2013. Unfortunately, Dylan had multiple complications before and after his transplant including a severe allergic reaction, resulting in altered mental status and ultimately complete loss of vision in both eyes.

Dylan’s social worker at Comer Children’s Hospital brought their story to the attention of Family Reach when the family was significantly behind on their rent and in desperate need of car repair. Their social worker reported that Dylan missed several appointments due to the family having an unreliable vehicle. Family Reach immediately provided a grant to cover several months rent, to help this family get back on track. With Family Reach assistance, the family was also able to afford the repairs for their car.

With stories like these, I hope it's obvious why I've decided to raise funds for Family Reach and carry out this ultra run. I also hope you recognize how important your donations are to families like Dylan's. 

After meeting Dylan and Patricia tomorrow, I'll be heading to a hotel South of my starting point in Dunes State Park. I will then point my stroller towards Louisville at 6 am and begin running to my first city stop in Rensselaer, Indiana, approximately 60 miles away. Each day will undoubtedly bring a number of experiences, both exciting and, well...potentially problematic, but I know I'll be able to push through for my personal goals, but also with the memory of friends, the support of your contributions, and the recipients of Family Reach in mind. 7 days and 368 miles later, I'll find my way to Louisville, KY where I'll cross over the river at the Big 4 Bridge and complete my ultra run. 

The need for funds to Family Reach, however, will be an ongoing issue and I hope the awareness I've brought to this issue and organization remain. It's now time to pack up the stroller and get ready. Feel free to follow along on my FB and IG accounts!

Thank you for all the donations, words of encouragement, fundraiser sharing, and endless gestures of support. I'll use them all to get me to my goals, both physical and financial. 

-Scott Spitz


Fundraising update

Update #1  •   Posted 1284 day(s) ago

Hello friends,

I'm a deeply grateful for your donation to my fundraiser on behalf of Family Reach. I just wanted to give you an update as I prepare for the ultra run down the state. 

Financially, we have been moving towards the goal, though still have a ways to go. We are just over a quarter of the way there with about a month and a half away from the run. It would be fantastic if you could share this fundraiser with your extended community.

Personally, I have been putting in intense training 7 days a week, with my long run now at marathon distance. I'll be increasing that to 28 and then 30 miles for the coming weeks. I've also been pulling together all the logistics for the run, securing hotels, developing a nutrition plan, and thinking about all the little details and how to push through any unforseen issues. 

The media coverage for the run and fundraiser has also been increasing as of late, with Family Reach helping spread the word and local publications running stories. 

Again, I'm grateful to everyone who has donated, shared the fundraiser, offered words of encouragement, or supported me in any way. Let's keep moving towards the final fundraising goal, and I'll keep moving forward to the ultra fun. Thanks for taking part friends!